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Welcome to DFreight, the ultimate all-in-one freight platform to make international shipping as easy as ABC. With DFreight, you can book, track, and deliver freight shipments with real-time communication and data-backed decision-making. Our in-house experts are here to help with transportation, customs, and cargo insurance, so you can always trust your freight is in good hands.

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general cargo - General
Ship it all!
From everyday essentials to extraordinary items, we’ve got your general cargo covered.
bulk cargo - Automotive
On the road again!
Let us transport your vehicles safely and efficiently to their destination.
oversized cargo - Construction
Building connections!
We move heavy machinery and construction equipment, powering your projects worldwide.
dangerous cargo - Perishables
Freshness guaranteed!
From farm to table, we handle perishables with utmost care and speed.
healthcare cargo - Healthcare
Delivering health worldwide!
Our specialized logistics support ensures your healthcare cargo arrives on time and intact.
live cargo - Technology
Elevate Innovation!
From the latest electronic gadgets to computer components, we’re your trusted high-tech cargo partner.
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Dashboard Overview

The DFreight Platform dashboard is the perfect way to get an overview of all your shipments and spot any issues. You can then dive deeper and fix them together with our support team.

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Submit an Inquiry

No matter how you are shipping your cargo worldwide, whether Ocean FCL, Ocean LCL, or Air, our platform helps you submit an inquiry in a few minutes to get the best affordable proposal.

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booking proccess -

Booking Process

Take a few minutes to complete your booking form by providing information on contact details, booking parties, commodity details, necessary documents, and billing/invoice details.

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proposal delivery -

Proposal Delivery

Compare proposals and select the best one that suits your shipping needs based on the cheapest rate, the shortest transit time, and the closest departure.

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document center -

Document Center

Keep all your docs in check by using the DFreight Document Manager. With our convenient, user-friendly platform, you can upload and manage all your docs in one place.

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communication center -

Communication Center

Our Communication Center is the most efficient way to communicate with our team all along the way. It ensures that you can always reach us when you need to.

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track trace -

Track & Trace

Use our easy-to-use Track & Trace System to track all your shipments in one place and enjoy peace of mind by knowing where your shipments are throughout the process.

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user profile -

User Profile

Use DFreight’s advanced, and highly secured User Profile feature to create, add, and edit details on your profile as well as the list of your shipping parties at any time.

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finance management -

Finance Management

Organize your finances with DFreight’s Finance Management feature. This makes it easy for you to track and monitor your payments, invoices, and billing details in one place.

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Access a wide network of world-renowned, reliable carriers

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Receive an accurate cost breakdown for your shipment

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Avoid bureaucracy and hefty paperwork along the online process

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Track and manage all your shipments in real-time in one place

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Mozammil and the team have been very helpful in advicing, guiding and arranging the shipment. Indeed very patient and great team to work with.

Marvel Electricals

I’m so happy and satisfied by the new platform from D-Freight, it is very professional, and on time we are getting responses for any inquires, invoices etc… Keep going


Excellent team. Regular updates are very satisfying. Keep up the good work.

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  • Commodity TypesCommodity Types
  • Service AreasService Areas
  • Pricing PoliciesPricing Policies
  • Reliability AssuranceReliability Assurance
  • Service CoverageService Coverage
  • Compliance StandardsCompliance Standards
What type of commodities can I ship by DFreight?
We ship a wide variety of commodities from/to the UAE, including General Cargo, Automotive Products, Construction Equipment, Perishables, Healthcare Products, and High-Tech Electronics. However, we do not transport any sort of commodities prohibited or restricted from being imported into or exported from the UAE in compliance with the country’s customs rules and regulations.
What commodities can’t I ship by DFreight?
We currently do NOT offer any shipping services for some specific commodities, including Personal Shipments, Army/Military Equipment, Bulk Cargo, Live Animals, Expensive Vaccines, Courier Shipments Under 50 Kg, Dangerous Goods (Class 1 and Class 7), Currencies, Fine Arts, and Ultra High-Value Goods.
Can you handle perishable goods?
Yes, we transport a wide range of perishable goods, including Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Poultry, Fish and Seafood, Dairy Products, Frozen Food, Beverages, and Ordinary Pharmaceuticals. We have specialized equipment and handling techniques to ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods, monitored continuously for optimal conditions.
Do you handle oversized or irregularly shaped cargo?
Yes, we have the expertise and equipment to handle oversized or irregularly shaped cargo, providing customized solutions to ensure safe and efficient transport.
Can you handle hazardous materials?
Yes, we have the expertise and licensing to handle hazardous materials, ensuring compliance with all safety regulations. However, we don’t provide any services for Dangerous Goods – Class 1: Explosives and Class 7: Radioactive Cargo.
How do you assure the safety of goods during transit?
Your cargo’s safety is our top concern. We follow strict international standards and regulations, have a skilled team with best practices in handling and packaging, and use real-time tracking to guarantee your goods arrive in perfect condition.
What countries do you provide freight services for?
We offer comprehensive End-to-End business freight services worldwide, including countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania. However, we offer competitive prices for our target trade lanes such as China, India, and most European countries through our extensive network.
Are there any countries where you do not provide services?
We do not offer services to countries that are currently at war or sanctioned by international law. This includes countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and others that may fall under such circumstances. We prioritize compliance with international regulations and the safety of our operations.
What factors affect freight rates for my shipment?
Several factors affect freight rates for your shipment, including the type of goods being shipped, the origin and destination of the cargo, and the shipping method. We also take your shipment transit time and the different suppliers’ shipping rates into account to provide you with the best offerings that suit your order.
How do you ensure competitive pricing?
We offer competitive pricing for target lanes like China, India, and European countries through our well-established networks and strategic partnerships, providing exceptional value without compromising on quality.
How do you maintain quality service at a lower cost?
We balance quality and cost by leveraging our extensive network, experienced team, and efficient processes, providing excellent service without a hefty price tag.
How can I avoid hidden fees for my shipments?
At DFreight, we prioritize transparency in all our shipments. With our clear and comprehensive cost breakdown, you can trust that there are no hidden fees. We’re committed to ensuring our customers are never surprised by unexpected costs.
How does your pricing compare with other freight forwarders in the UAE?
We offer competitive pricing for our target lanes without compromising on quality, backed by our extensive network and experienced team.
How do you handle seasonal fluctuations in shipping demand?
Our flexible and agile approach allows us to adapt to seasonal fluctuations, ensuring capacity and efficiency without compromising on service quality.
How do you facilitate international payments and currency conversion?
We provide support for international payments and currency conversion through trusted financial channels, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.
What experience does your team have in international operations?
Our highly experienced international operation team has extensive knowledge and expertise in managing shipments across various countries, including China, India, and European nations, ensuring smooth and efficient service.
Are you part of any international forwarding networks?
Yes, we are proud members of prominent forwarding networks such as JCtrans, DF-Alliance, GLE, Parnity, and All-Forward, which expands our global reach and capabilities.
What licensing do you have?
We are licensed by FIATA and NAFL, ensuring that our services adhere to international standards and regulations, providing you with reliable and trusted service.
How does being a member of forwarding networks like JCtrans and GLE benefit me?
Being a member of networks like JCtrans and GLE enhances our global reach, flexibility, and efficiency, enabling us to provide tailored solutions and competitive pricing.
How do you select your carriers and partners in other countries?
Our selection process for carriers and partners is thorough, considering factors such as reputation, experience, compliance, and alignment with our values to ensure quality service.
How do you maintain your competitive edge in the market?
We continually invest in our team’s training, leverage our memberships in forwarding networks, stay up-to-date with industry regulations, and focus on personalized client relationships to maintain our competitive edge.
What measures do you take to prevent fraud and scams?
We employ stringent security measures, including identity verification and secure payment protocols, to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of our operations.
What freight services do you provide?
We offer a comprehensive range of freight services to meet your shipping needs. Our services include Ocean Freight (FCL, LCL), Air Freight (Standard, Chartered, Consolidation), and Customs Clearance for shipping a wide range of cargo types from/to the UAE.
Do you provide customs clearance services for my shipments?
We offer reliable and agile customs clearance services while handling your freight. You can easily request customs brokerage through our digital platform while booking your shipment. We help you manage all your documents online.
Can I ask for customs brokerage as a standalone service?
Yes. DFreight can be your customs broker without handling your cargo. Our expert brokers will cooperate closely with your current freight forwarder, carrier, and any other supply chain members to clear your shipments.
Do you provide door-to-door delivery service for my shipments?
Both Pre-Carriage (Door-to-Door) and On-Carriage (Port-to-Port) services are available for your shipments. You can quickly check the service you prefer while booking your shipment online.
Do you offer insurance for the shipments?
Yes, we offer various insurance options to protect your shipment, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. When making your online booking, you can easily request insurance and get the finest coverage offered.
How quickly can you clear customs for urgent shipments?
Our agile customs clearance process, backed by our experienced team, enables us to clear customs swiftly, even for urgent shipments.
How do you support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?
We offer tailored solutions and competitive pricing to support SMEs, understanding their specific needs and providing personalized service and support.
How do you maintain client confidentiality?
We have strict protocols in place to maintain client confidentiality, including secure data handling practices and non-disclosure agreements when required.
How can I get a quote for my shipment?
Just complete the brief form located above, where you’ll specify your shipment’s Origin, Destination, and Type. You can also visit our Inquiry Form Page to provide additional order details. Our team of experts will promptly respond with the most suitable and competitive offers.
How can I track my shipment in real-time?
We offer real-time tracking through our online platform, supported by our customer service team, enabling you to monitor your shipment at any stage.
How do you ensure compliance with environmental regulations?
We actively monitor and adhere to environmental regulations, implementing sustainable practices and ensuring compliance through regular assessments and certifications.
How do you ensure cultural understanding and compliance in different regions?
Our international operation team has the experience and knowledge to understand and comply with cultural norms and regulations in different regions, ensuring smooth operations.
How do you maintain ethical practices in your operations?
We adhere to a strict code of ethics, guided by international standards, and regularly evaluate our practices to ensure integrity and transparency in our operations.
How do you contribute to the local communities where you operate?
We actively engage with local communities, contributing through responsible business practices, community involvement, and support for local initiatives.